Webinar “4+1: Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement”

Webinar link

Thanks to Professor Peter Hines for organising this series of webinars from key Lean experts from around the world.

The first one is with my friend and colleague Chris Butterworth, talking about:

Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Financial Services

By Dr Morgan L Jones, Chris Butterworth and Brenton Harder

Winner of the Shingo Publication Award (2019).

In this book, the authors combine their seventy years of collective experience in Lean and business improvement to present 5 basic habits to the reader that are easy to learn yet take years to master. A Culture of Continuous Improvement in your organisation will start to develop almost as soon as the habits are applied and continue to mature as they are mastered. 

This practical guide includes tips and examples from case studies in two of the world’s leading banking organisations, demonstrating how the Culture of Continuous Improvement has been applied in real-world situations. 

The authors also discuss the underlying neuroscience to explain why these habits actually work. Essential reading for leaders and business improvement professionals alike.

If you want more on how to establish CI in your organisation, please do not hesitate to get in touch richard.steel@richardsteel.co.nz

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