Visual Management at the Restaurant

One of the fun things on our Japan Lean Experience tour was to sample some of the food and of course drink.

On one particular evening we had a smaogasboard of delights and on the way out npticed some interesting and humourous signs.

We love beer

This one is self explanatory and a good call…they have beer, and seemingly the expression on his face is that it’s good beer and in large quantities!

We love ham

This one was a bit more of a worry, but It’s not that he likes cuddling pigs, it’s we love ham! Prosciutto being the dry salted Italian variety that we know goes with beer, tick!

Take away chickens?

OK this one had me scratching my head a bit, I’m going to go for, once you have had all the beer and ham you want, you and a friend/buddy can takeaway some roasted chicken? Yeah, i’m not sure about that one at all!

Needless to say it was all part of the full Japan Lean Experience.

Please contact me if you are interested in taking the full Japan Lean Experience, takeaway chickens and all! richard.steel@richardsteel.co.nz

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