Richard Steel is an experienced consultant in lean management, supply chain, and continuous improvement methodologies. Starting his Lean journey 25 years ago, over the years, he has worked extensively in manufacturing, supply chain, service, government, health, energy, retail and food processing organisations.

Welcome to my Blog!

I’d like to share a bit more and my greatest passions, the first being my interests in all things Lean Thinking and the relentless pursuit of knowledge to share with others.

The second being my love for gardening and in particular growing tomatoes.

To cut a long story short, I started this after an unfortunate event when another site I had built up content with was decimated.Not to be discouraged, I wanted my own place to hold all my random efforts. the monster was born!

I hope this blog is both informative and entertaining and serves as an inspiration to you to get involved with Lean, or gardening!

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