Day One – Toyota in Spades

Monday started with an orientation session to understand Japanese culture and customs. This is sage advice as you need to know these essential details to [...]

Shingo Principle “Create Value for the Customer”

This week is Shingo workshop week with my esteemed colleague Chris Butterworth running Discover Shingo Excellence in Auckland. Participants learn about the Shingo Enterprise Excellence [...]

Planting Out – Summer Is On It’s Way!

After a bit of a wet and wild 10 days, the weather has improved and it’s time to plant out some of my early germinators [...]

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Every Picture Tells A Story

At one of my tour stops on my recent Japan study tour was to visit an automotive seating and trim supplier, mainly serving Mazda as [...]

On The Line At Lexus Part 1

Following on from my previous stories from my visit to the Toyota plant, lets pick up the tale as we head towards the Gemba. our [...]

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