Team Engagement Japan Style

During my Japan Lean Experience tour last year, we had the pleasure of being hosted by Aeon Kunawa. Aeon is Greek for “eternity” and this organisation plans, builds and manages malls and a supermarket chain to name just a few of their core operations.

It’s a small company *jokes, with 500,000 employees across Asia.

One interesting example was how the teams tracked customer interactions. It is best practice for the team to make some meaningful connections to the shoppers and basic good manners.

This “tree” is where one team is recording the number of customer interactions. Once the tree is completed, they shout themselves a gift card and can spend it however they like!

Customer connections tree

This team perform very well on the Voice of the Customer (VOC) scores and track this on a daily basis, along with a raft of other KPI’s

Voice of the Customer Board

They have electronic feedback forms, which you can see to the right of the board and the old school hand written forms on the left hand side. it is still seen a very good manners to write a note in Japan!

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