5S Find III – World Production System

I have a third interesting document that was recently rediscovered from my 1995 “Kaizen Breakthrough” training, in Grand Rapids Michigan.

I’ll break these down a bit as there are a few pages, but these started with a diagram of what we now know call the “House of Toyota” which has a real original feel to it.

To me this is original, it’s simple and what they actually used, rather than something that was drawn by a consultant or author.

Foundation is levelling, which for me is both levelling the workload through the system so that workers can have a regular rythmn, and equal amounts of work. The second aspect of levelling is “Level Selling”. Toyota shape their demand and I was once told, they don’t make cars, they sell production capacity. Simply put they vary the price to capacity, and ensure sales are as close to capacity as possible.

The Just-In-Time pillar assures:

  • Right people, skills & Standard Work (with leadership & alignment)
  • Inventory systems and replenishment in play to ensure right parts, right quality, right place at right time
  • Equipment set up to ensure flow and ability for workers to multi-skill and multi-task

“Jidoka” was explained to me as being in the DNA of Toyota. This is “Automation with a human touch”. Toyota invented the Loom that detected when the thread broke to stop the machines in the 1920’s.

Designing equipment to detect defects and deliver high quality are 100 years strong, and what built the company from day one.

This cartoon was the next page after the TPS House and I interpret it in this way.

The gentleman is rubbing his hands because he is making a whole pile of inventory and storing it in the warehouse all winter thinking that his summer related product will make him a fortune in a long hot summer. Obviously the reverse of Just in Time production!

in the top left we can see the sun hiding in the cluds of a cool summer and I think holding a thermometer as the cool summer comes along and sends this guy bankrupt!

I’m open to your interpretations!

If anyone would like to know more about lean thinking or continuous improvement, drop me a line richard.steel@richardsteel.co.nz

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