Postcard from Ginza

Whilst we all enjoy our daily fix of the Rugby world cup, I thought I’d share a few details of my recent Japan Tour.

I never tire of my trips to Japan and particularly there is much to see in Tokyo for the lovers of all things automotive!

In the central shopping area of Ginza there is one of my favourite shops, or more so a building called “The Crossing“.

The first three floors are home to a Nissan cars pavilion, featuring some of their concept cars and also current models. I was admiring the GT 2020 concept, it looked so gorgeous, it was surreal…trust me, she’s delightful in real life.

They current model GT-R was lined up next to the concept but looked like a definite second place in a beauty pageant.


The fourth floor was a nice cafe and floors 5-8 were purely for Sony products, you name it, they had it! Even a robot dog!

So a definite place to go, when in Tokyo. When in Tokyo, go to Ginza!

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