5S at the Mall – Diver City Tokyo

I don’t think I was using Trip Advisor the last time I came to Japan, however we had a Sunday to kill, before heading off to Nagoya at 3pm.

Odaiba is a man made island in Tokyo bay and houses 4 different Malls, with Diver City catching my eye with the giant robot as one of the star attractions.

Anywhere in Japan is a bit of an eye opener, and 5S is woven into the whole fabric of society, extending to their public spaces.

Pictured below is one of my old favourite, the “umbrella wrapper”, designed to cellophane wrap your trusty rain protection, so that it’s kept from dripping on the floor.

after walking around for half and hour, we decided it was thirsty work and headed to the food court for a drink, and we spotted a water station, built into the table clearing and cleaning area.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so well organised!

Note the simple visual SOP on the water dispenser and built in recycling center.

I was very impressed with their neatly folded cleaning cloths and the appropriately labelled emply bin for use after the clean up!

So here’s a challenge to you, is there anywhere else in the world that beats this level of cleanliness and organisation?



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