The Lean Advent Calendar – Step One

OK so I have had an inspiration, helped largely by my friend Lesley who makes her own Advent Calendars for friends and family.

I love them, although the love is mainly confined to the fact that for every day of December, I get to open the door and snaffle a chocolate!

How about the “Lean” advent calendar, whereby each day is marked with not only revealing what’s behind the door, and the true meaning of Christmas but also what is behind the true meaning of Lean Management principles!

However, from my observations, the shop bought variety doesn’t taste too much like quality chocolate, so my plan this year is to make my own. Or at least that was then plan. I asked my Mum, to source me an advent box, as they’re available from our local craft superstore “Spotlight”.

Low and behold…Mum and Dad preloaded this one with Roses chocolates.

Apparently not all Roses fit in behind the doors, so Dad was very helpful in disposing of the oversized chocolates, and had to buy 2 boxes to make sure the calendar was fully loaded…or at least that is his excuse!

So onto the next part of the story…everyday I will need to blog about a Lean version of the advent calendar…wish me luck!

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