Every Picture Tells A Story

At one of my tour stops on my recent Japan study tour was to visit an automotive seating and trim supplier, mainly serving Mazda as their major client. As part of our Gemba tour, we were given a short series of presentations of “Kaizen Stories”, on their recent improvement activities.

For those that know me, the story of how the team completed their analysis and solved the problem is a very important part of communicating with others.
My challenge to teams is that the story is so compelling, Peter Jackson (LOTR) who is always looking for a good film script, will be looking to make it into a film.

I am also a huge advocate for using flip chart pads and pens, to tell a very visual story. It’s much easier for us to really relate to a problem, when it’s couched in a great story.

So it was a real treat to see how the guys in Japan also told their stories in exactly the same way.
Chek out some of the artistic styles used to engage the audience and also ensure the message is conveyed in a simple, understandable way.

If you would like to know more about Kaizen and kaizen stories drop me a line @ richard.steel@richardsteel.co.nz

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