Circus Circus Has “Words On A Door”

With  offices so close to Mt Eden, one of our regular haunts is the award winning Circus Circus Cafe nestled in the heart of the Village.

I always enjoy the service, good food and drink here, they certainly make you feel at home and It’s a place that you will always find a smile from their staff.

The other day, it was the usual mission impossible to find a parking spot, so I took advantage of their small car park and noticed this large sign on the back door.

I often find organisations fail to communicate their vision and values well and as a colleague of mine always warns. they just become “words on the wall” that have no meaning.

So I quite like the approach Circus Circus have taken, Words on the door so it can be seen every time you walk through to start your day is perhaps more effective? I actually asked…and they all knew what it said and it must be working because they are certainly delivering on their promise!

Finally, I did giggle when I noticed the typo on “professional”, probably the worst word in the dictionary to get wrong

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