Postcard From Piha Beach

Earlier in the holiday season, I took my overseas rellies over on the “Bush and Beach Tour” to the Western or “Waitakarere” ranges.

This massive area of tropical rainforest is part of the play ground of Auckland, for all those that love to tramp, camp and take in the beach. it also houses the world famous Piha.

This small west coast settlement has always been awesome for surfers, but nowadays hosts some pretty impressive houses for the rich and famous, including a recording studio just up the road at Karekare, as used by Pearl Jam, Radiohead and the Finns of Crowded house fame.

Anyway, it was a stunning day and I’m particularly proud of this photo, only taken with an I-Phone, but one of the best I’ve done…

By the way, lunch at the Piha cafe is worthy of a visit in ityself…watch you don’t burn your feet on the black sandy beach too…

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