Shingo Principle: Assure Quality at the Source

I have recently been reaquainted with the pursuit of Quality, and enjoying working with the team to solve problems at the root cause. This reminded me of one of my visits on my 2012 Japan tour where we had the pleausure of hearing some of the quality and process improvements made by the teams. The […]

At Home With Toyota II

During my Japan Study Tour in 2012 we paid a visit to Toyota Home, the home building division of Toyota automotive. The “Smart Gallery” was essentially a show home which displayed the design and construction of their homes and allowed the visitor to see how Toyota had implemented some of their thinking into haouse building. […]

Yamaha A Boyhood Dream – Japan 2007

One my very first trips to Japan our tour included an interesting contrast between a visit to Yamaha musical Instruments and the motorcycle factory and museum. It was a bit of a boyhood dream to visit Yamaha as a teenager I was desperate to own and ride a moped which at 50cc is all we […]

Engrish @ Japanese Branding

On a recent trip to Japan I was bench marking at a supermarket with a behind the scenes tour and noticed some interesting brand names. This reminded me of a website a friend shared with me this is a website containing some interesting English advertising in Japan and other places which bring a smile […]

Webinar “4+1: Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement”

Thanks to Professor Peter Hines for organising this series of webinars from key Lean experts from around the world. The first one is with my friend and colleague Chris Butterworth, talking about: Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Financial Services By Dr Morgan L Jones, Chris Butterworth and Brenton Harder Winner of the Shingo […]

Visual Management at the Restaurant

One of the fun things on our Japan Lean Experience tour was to sample some of the food and of course drink. On one particular evening we had a smaogasboard of delights and on the way out npticed some interesting and humourous signs. This one is self explanatory and a good call…they have beer, and […]

A Little Thanks Goes A Long Way

One of the things I saw when I was in Japan was a great example of how a simple behaviour of recognising the efforts of your co-workers had on boosting employee satisfaction. The organization we were visiting, Aeon Malls, had a system whereby every employee could raise and give a business card sized thank you […]

Postcard from Lockdown Take II

As we reach the end of lockdown, everyone is set to change gears a little as we get the country back to work, mostly. The “teddies in the garden” champion has continued to update his exhibition everyday and gets the top marks for artistic interpretation. Fishing teddies are permissible, as these guys went only as […]

5S Find III – World Production System

I have a third interesting document that was recently rediscovered from my 1995 “Kaizen Breakthrough” training, in Grand Rapids Michigan. I’ll break these down a bit as there are a few pages, but these started with a diagram of what we now know call the “House of Toyota” which has a real original feel to […]

Shingo Principle – Respect Every Individual II

Just recapping on an earlier explanation, what we learn from the Shingo Model, is that Ideal Results Require Ideal Behaviours. The Shingo principle, “Respect for Every Individual” sounds similar to a common lean phrase, “Respect for People“. However, it is different in the way that we should think of our employees as individuals. This encourages […]


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