Time To Start Potting

Hey folks, it was a fantastic Sunday afternoon in Auckland this weekend, so I took the opportunity to spend a few hours in the garden, working on this year’s tomato crop.

As reported earlier, the seedlings I grew on the window sill performed very well, and I had 23 ready to “pot up” into the punnet sized pots. Essentially they will stay in this pot until they are ready to go into the garden, or into larger patio planters.

This is a simple process:

  1. Prepare the pot by filling with an 80-20 blend of potting and seed raising mix
  2. Water pots to saturation
  3. dig a little, but deep hole ready for the transplanting seedling
  4. Carefully lift seedling out, and place into pot
  5. Carefully tamp down the seedling with gentle fingers to ensure it doesn’t droop or fall over
  6. Place in sunny spot to allow a bit of recovery
  7. these can now be stored on the greenhouse or in my case the Cloche.
  8. make a cup of tea and admire your handy work!
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