Toyota’s Spiritual Home – In Ohno’s Footsteps Part 1

Whilst leading a recent Japan Study tour, our party were stationed in Nagoya for a few days, prior to heading to Tokyo. Nagoya is pretty [...]

Toyota’s Spiritual Home – In Ohno’s Footsteps Part 2

Picking up from where I left on the previous post, we were now being guided through the museum hall, getting a crash course on some [...]

The Lean Advent Calendar – Step One

OK so I have had an inspiration, helped largely by my friend Lesley who makes her own Advent Calendars for friends and family. I love [...]

On The Third Day – 3rd Dec

This one is pretty obvious…the Three M’s of course! MUDA The Japanese word for “Waste” or “Useless”. Whenever we see MUDA we must seek to [...]

The Whole World’s A Stage – Building A Culture Mirai Style Part 1

One of my most memorable Japan companies that I visited was Mirai Industries, headquartered near Nagoya, we spent a morning hearing about their very interesting story [...]

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The Whole World’s A Stage – Building An Innovation Culture Mirai Style Part 2

So now back to the Mirai tour story… Our tour group had assembled in their training room and were briefed on the company history and [...]

More Wise Words From Taichii Ohno

Toyota Supermarket I was sharing a story with a recent Lean Academy group on how Taichii Ohno used to spend hours on the shop [...]