Postcard From Middlemore – I-Coffee?

With the spring finally showing it’s face and a hint of summer on it’s way I’m enjoyiong three good things at the moment. The first [...]

Toyota Recruits The Creme De La Creme?

So back to my Japan study mission last Nov. You recall from earlier stories, our guides managed to access “all areas” and this included a [...]

At Home With Toyota

During  recent Japan Study Tour I had the opportunity to visit a pavilion featuring a Toyota show home. For those of you that don’t know, [...]

Toyota’s Spiritual Home – In Ohno’s Footsteps Part 1

Whilst leading a recent Japan Study tour, our party were stationed in Nagoya for a few days, prior to heading to Tokyo. Nagoya is pretty [...]

Toyota’s Spiritual Home – In Ohno’s Footsteps Part 2

Picking up from where I left on the previous post, we were now being guided through the museum hall, getting a crash course on some [...]

The Lean Advent Calendar – Step One

OK so I have had an inspiration, helped largely by my friend Lesley who makes her own Advent Calendars for friends and family. I love [...]

On The Second Day Of Christmas – Dec 2

So here we are, Dec 2 already and for today’s Lean musing, the number 2 represents the fact that true lean thinkers believe that management [...]

On The Third Day – 3rd Dec

This one is pretty obvious…the Three M’s of course! MUDA The Japanese word for “Waste” or “Useless”. Whenever we see MUDA we must seek to [...]