On The Line At Lexus Part 1

Following on from my previous stories from my visit to the Toyota plant, lets pick up the tale as we head towards the Gemba. our [...]

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Toyota Recruits The Creme De La Creme?

So back to my Japan study mission last Nov. You recall from earlier stories, our guides managed to access “all areas” and this included a [...]

At Home With Toyota

During  recent Japan Study Tour I had the opportunity to visit a pavilion featuring a Toyota show home. For those of you that don’t know, [...]

Toyota’s Spiritual Home – In Ohno’s Footsteps Part 2

Picking up from where I left on the previous post, we were now being guided through the museum hall, getting a crash course on some [...]

Toyota’s Belief – Human Treasure Not Resources

One of the highlights of our incredible journey on the Japan Kaizen Experience was Thursday 8th November. This day of course was significant as it [...]

More Wise Words From Taichii Ohno

Toyota Supermarket I was sharing a story with a recent Lean Academy group on how Taichii Ohno used to spend hours on the shop [...]

A Day In The Life Of The Lean Business System Conference

Now I would be a liar if I said that arranging and organising the first even Lean Business Conference here in NZ was easy, but [...]

Looking Back At Our First Year Of Business In New Zealand – Chris Butterworth

At this time of year we take time to reflect on what we have achieved, but also begin to think ahead on what challenges the [...]

Essence Of Excellence Part I

On March 16th, myself and a small group of Kiwis made the trip to Sydney to attend SA Partners annual continuous improvement conference, held at [...]