Sowing The Seed – Summer Is Just Around The Corner!

It was a pretty rainy and wet weekend here in Auckland, however I have taken the plunge and have both selected the varieties I’ll be planting and also planted my tomato seeds, installing them safely on the kitchen window sill.

2014 Varieties:
Yates Roma: These were very strong croppers last year, they also started early and were the last to finish! I have planted 20 seeds, so will see how they go!

Small Fry Cherry: These are sweet and small and ideal for salads and just eating like grapes on their own. 8 of these should see me through.

Purple Calabash:: These are an heirloom variety and great to add flavour to sauces or chopped to colour a BBQ meal…they have a purple hue, hence the name. Again 8 of these in the mix.

Bush Cherry: These are slightly larger than Cheeries and great for Bruchetta. 10 of these will be handy.

Oxheart: Another heirloom and a reddish green fruit, great for suaces and high in nutrition. Another 8 for this season to keep the troops happy.

Mortgage Lifter: These were fantastic to add into the sauces last year and produce huge fruit. I only had 7 seeds left!

Hertitage Mix: The luck dip that could be anything from cheery or yellow skinned…pot luck with these late bloomers. I’ve chucked in 8 as a bit of a tomato Russian Roulette!

Pomodoro Cherry: These are Italian imports and although the best before is 3 years past, these are still producing seedlings…hopefully! Great for Bruschetta, dehydrating and ready to eat! Fingers crossed with 12 and see what comes up…literally!

So these are my picks safe and sound on the window sill!

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