Shingo Discover Excellence– 4-5TH April ’17

How far has your organisation come on it’s journey to Business Excellence?

Learn about the Shingo Model™ and the underlying principles behind the Shingo Prize philosophy and approach in this 2 day programme DISCOVER EXCELLENCE which includes real-time discussions and on-site learning from a host organisation.

The Shingo Prize is the Global Standard of Sustainable Enterprise Excellence awarded to organisations that demonstrate a culture where the principles of Enterprise Excellence are deeply embedded into the thinking and behaviour of all leaders, managers and associates.
Performance is measured both in terms of business results and the degree to which business, management and work systems are driving appropriate and ideal behaviour at all levels.
Shingo prize winners also report :

  • Zero lost time for accidents
  • Zero late deliveries and customer complaints
  • 20% reduction in production costs
  • 100% compliance on new product introduction timeframes
  • 20% increase in labour utilisation
  • 20% reduction in inventory costs
  • Ability to offer improved service level agreements

The Shingo Model™ is not an additional programme or another initiative to implement; rather, it introduces Guiding Principles on which to anchor your current initiatives and to fill the gaps in your efforts towards ideal results and enterprise excellence.

The model can be applied to many types of industries, whether in an individual facility, a complete corporate division, or across the entire business
At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of focusing on the Shingo principles and recognise where you could make improvements in your own organisation to improve systems and drive ideal behaviours.
  • Learn how to benchmark your performance against the best in the world by carrying out your own self-assessment based on the Shingo Model™ .
  • Learn from other organisations experiences as you take part in a range of hands on activities and group discussions.

The workshop begins with a comprehensive overview of the Shingo Model™ and its key elements. This is followed by a comprehensive guide to the Shingo Prize application guidelines, which include the criteria and methods for assessment of the progress an organisation has made in its lean transformation.
On day two participants will be grouped into small teams and conduct interviews in the host facility. This provides hand on learning by doing and is used to generate feedback for the host.

Hosted by Auckland Council Leisure Services

4-5 April 2017

Who should attend?

Representatives from enterprises, big or small, from any sector, wanting to understand the essential ingredients needed to create a sustainable Continuous Improvement culture.

Price $1995 + GST early bird*

$2495 + GST full price

* last date for early bird is 4 March 2017

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