Seedling Update – Great Results From The Window Sill!

So the last tomato update was just over 2 weeks ago when I was testing a variety of seeds, but this year I’m using the kitchen window sill to keep the temperature more stable.

For those of you that don’t know, seeds need a combination of consistent soil temperature of around 15 degrees centigrade and moisture, not waterlogged, but kept wet.

So the good news is the experiment is going really well, at 2.5 weeks, I have around a 60% success rate across the board. at a variety level, the Purple Calabash have been a no show, but the Roma are at 100%, along with 95% for Small fry Cherry.

This is a vast improvement on last year, where I had mixed results over 2 months!

I’m also now placing the seedlings outside during the day, giving them a little sunshine, and there’s plenty of chlorophyll being produced as the window sill isn’t quite enough, and we don’t want spindly, anaemic seedlings.

This coming weekend I move into phase II when I’ll tackle further later planting varieties…

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