Planting Out – Summer Is On It’s Way!

After a bit of a wet and wild 10 days, the weather has improved and it’s time to plant out some of my early germinators into the garden and for the Bush Tomatoes, up into the pots they’ll be living in for the duration.

So the simple test is really size of seedling, at around 20-30cms they will be ready to bring out of the cloche ready to harden off. This means they get a couple of nights in the open and this helps them adjust to the shock of being planted out.

The other tip is if you see any roots poking out of the bottom of the pot, that’s a sure sign that they are ready to go!

So top tips for planting out…
Grab a handful of sheepy pellets and chuck them in the hole before planting

Second tip…
Get a good straight bamboo cane and insert it now, as to not damage the roots later on, I use 6 foot canes from my good friend Elliot who uses them to stake tree!

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