Is It Just Me Or Is Star Wars EveryWhere?

Like most of us who enjoyed growing up with Star Wars, it seems a permanent part of our culture.

With the recent re boot of the movies plus Rogue One, the marketers seem to have endless opportunities to leverage the imagery and suggestion that we should all have a little Star Wars in our lives.

And to my surprise it seems Toyota have jumped on the band wagon!

Is it me, or does the new RAV4 front grill look remarkable like a Storm trooper helmet?

Here’s another item that caught my eye, the “Death Star – Tea Infuser”. The perfect gift for anyone really, really?

OK I confess that this one was too tempting, and I have bought four of the Start Wars edition Mr Potato Head games to use in a simple lean simulation.

Well at least that was my excuse anyway.

Darth Tater which is the Star Wars incarnation of Mr Potato Head is pretty realistic and he even has his own light sabre.

What are your thoughts…is Star Wars taking over and is that a good thing?

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