On The Second Day Of Christmas – Dec 2

So here we are, Dec 2 already and for today’s Lean musing, the number 2 represents the fact that true lean thinkers believe that management [...]

On The Third Day – 3rd Dec

This one is pretty obvious…the Three M’s of course! MUDA The Japanese word for “Waste” or “Useless”. Whenever we see MUDA we must seek to [...]

Sam’s Naughty & Nice List For 2013

Well, I have previuosly featured Sam’s efforts on visual Management, with the 2012 naughty and Nice List, plus his staunch support of the All Blacks [...]

In The Footsteps Of Taichii Ohno – The Story Of The 1st Toyota Automobile

Moving on through the main hall at TCMIT you enter a series of displays of some of the equipment used in testing materials as part [...]

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