Bring In The Bees

The last couple of weeks have been busy in the garden as here in NZ the October labour Weekend is the number one date in the garden calendar for getting things done.

One lesson is of course to avoid the rush and definately the garden centres that resemble the boxing day sales in terms of crowds and queues!

I’m all but finished planting out, and some of my earlier varieties are beginning to shows early flowering and it will be a matter of weeks before we’ll need the support of the bees to pollenate across the garden as we aim towards a bumper crop.

Planting Blue:
Bees are strongly attracted to the colour blue, so strategically plant these in the garden to lure them in.

I usually try and use useful plants, especially herbs that have a culinary use. I recommend Sage and Thyme, plus the Passion Fruit vine flowers also have some blue in amongst the white flowers.

Roses are also strong attractants and we are very lucky to have some antique varieties at the front of our house and there always seems to be plenty of bees around a cluster of blue plants nearby, the one pictured is “Cosmos”.

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