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Richard Steel is passionate about the philosophy of Kaizen and has was an early adopter of Lean Thinking, being fortunate enough to train and work with Shin-jujitsu, Taiichi Ohno’s much vaunted team, back in the early 90’s.

Since this time, Richard has established a reputation, promoting Kaizen and Lean Thinking, and has made it a life long mission to continuously improve organisations, individuals and anyone who wants to understand how Continuous Improvement can change the world we live and work in.

Richard heads up the New Zealand Team for SA Partners as Managing Consultant and is accredited to deliver the LERC certification programs and Lean training and consultancy.

This Blog site is a bit of a hobby that turned into a labour of love really, as many have followed my stories on other platforms, I have decided to create my own blog to share my rambling thoughts.

I have also added an extra spin to my musings by incorporating my second greatest love (after lean), growing tomatoes here in Auckland, NZ.

Hence the name Lean Tomatoes…

Stories, anecdotes and humour will be the order of the day…nothing too radical, but honest observations and lessons from a Lean Thinker from way back and of course an avid gardener.

For more about my work, check out my website here: www.richardsteel.co.nz